SPG(semiconductor Project GroupP) PROCESS


In order to succeed project, we provide the designed process and develop the optimized procedure. We are using analystics system and tracking project.


SPG process will be leading the project to pursue an objective. It will be getting the best out of our teams.





Be taking your Ideas, Be researching your Ideas and to be making real product for your project.





Surely preparing all resources regarding to the specific project.

To be giving a sure, plan for scheduling, skillful manpowers.. so on.




In order to complete project, Execute project managment methdologies.

The project is managed Base on Aglie-Scurm managment with 16/5 system.



Final Review for prepration of project process, check all procdure of process and resul of testing for maanaging system.



Executing project and reporting project status from the begginng to final review of project.

Drive to make satisfiability of project with customer.