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SPG(semiconductor Project Group) PROCESS


In order to succeed, we provide the designed process and develop the optimized procedure. We are using analytics system and project tracking.


SPG process is used to pursue series of objectives to drive projects to completion and extract the best performance out of our teams.





Solicit, comprehend and envision your Ideas.  Transform these ideas into a real product through careful design, project management and manufacturing.




From Idea to final product, TD7 leads the overall project planning, tracking and mitigation of issues by preparing all resources, advanced scheduling and modern manufacturing practices.



In order to successfully complete a project, TD7 leverages project management methodologies based on Aglie-Scurm managment with 16/5 system.



Final review for preparation of project process, detailed quality check all procedure of process and result of testing for managing system.



Executing project and reporting project status from the beginning to final review of project.

Drive to make satisfactory results and deliverables of project with customer. 


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